The Edinburgh Book Festival


On Wednesday 23rd August 2006, all of our library clubs (reading club, web club and paired reading) went on a very exciting trip to the Edinburgh Book Festival. We were lucky enough to see Paul Magrs, who told us all about his newest book, ĎHands Upí, and we also got to see Patrick Cave, who acted like a total fruitcake! He was really funny, and didnít drone on and on like some of the other authors that we have seen.

While we were there, we got to have a wander round all the bookshops. There were a couple of them, both for kids and adults. While I was looking in the kidís bookshop, I saw a book for sale that I had read in the library, and I was so pleased to buy it. Quite a few of us bought a few books and were amazed at the amount of choices of books to buy, and we all enjoyed the trip so much that we hope to go back next year! (Letís hope that Mrs. Wilson our librarian lets us!)


By Holly