Film Review: Epic Movie

Directed by: Jason Friedberg and Aaron Selter

Stars out of five: 1 out of 5

Certificate: 12A

Reviewer : Lucy


Summary: Epic Movie is about four adult orphans who each find a golden ticket in chocolate bars. Lucy is one of the orphans. Her dad gets killed in a Davinci Code style way. Edmund lives in an orphanage and a character from Nacho Libre throws him out. Susan is getting adopted by a family abroad. She is on her way but there are snakes on the plane. Peter the last orphan is still at High School, but he is bullied by characters from X-Men. All the orphans are locked inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. They all try and hide from him because he is a psychopath. Lucy finds a wardrobe and she enters the world of Gnarnia.  The others follow her. Edmund is tricked by the Evil White and Captain Jack Swallows. Lucy, Susan and Peter do all they can to free Edmund they also try and kill White. But do they succeed . . . ?


Opinion:  I found this film quite rubbish the story line was not good, The actors/actresses were also bad. I definitely do not recommend this film.

People who find scary movie funny and enjoyable to watch will like this film.