Title: High School Musical

Author: Peter Barsocchini

Reviewer: Holly from Northfield Academy


This film is one of the first original movies created by the Disney Channel, and was soon to become a huge hit with the viewing public. The soundtrack was also to become a chart-topper.


The film is about a pair of teenagers, Troy and Gabriella, who soon become friends and swap numbers when they meet at a karaoke contest when they are on holiday. Troy, who is a champion basketball player at his school, soon finds out that the Scholastic whiz-kid champion Gabriella, has moved house, to live in the same area as him. They become best friends as he shows her round the school, but when they spot an audition for the High School Musical, their friends don’t approve.


I absolutely LOVED the film! It was really funny, and the songs were brilliant!

When the book came out though, it was really naff, it was too babyish, and it didn’t really fit in with the story. Here are some quotes about the film and book…


“The film was very, very good, but the book was babyish and rubbish.”

-Lucy M


“The actors in the film were very good, but the book was very childish.”

-Rebecca M


“The film was really good, but the book was a bit rubbish.”

-Kelly G


“The film was brilliant, but the book was very babyish.”

-Sarah S


“The film was cool, but the book was a bit babyish and more for younger people than teenagers.”

-Alana M