Just My Luck


Directed by: Donald Petrie

Released in 2006



Just My Luck is about a girl called Ashley.Ashley and her two best friends, Dana and Maggie have organised a VIP bash for record producer Damon Philips. Jake is trying to contact Damon Philips to sign up a new and upcoming band, Mcfly but he is failing miserably. At the party Ashley and Jake kiss so their luck changes. Jake saves Damonís life, Damon then signs Mcfly and they play in a huge concert at the end of the movie. Ashley is plagued by one hilarious disaster after another. She goes on a mission to reverse her luck, whilst doing this she falls in love with Jake and Ashley discovers that her terrible twist of fate is the luckiest thing that ever happened to her.


What I liked/disliked about this film:

Just My Luck has become one of my favourite films. It has funny parts such as when Ashley loses her luck she has to kiss lots of guys to try and get her luck back and when she is at Jake's house and breaks his washing machine and the whole room is full of bubbles. One of my favourite parts of the film is near the end, when Mcfly are about to perform, Harry (Mcfly) gets stuck under the stage and the rest of Mcfly struggle to find him. I thought Mcfly were very good actors, and they had never acted before.


Stars out of five: 5/5


Recommended for:

I would recommend this film for anyone who likes romantic comedies.