1.Do you like playing practical jokes? No go to 2

                                                       Yes go to 5


2.Do you dream of travelling the world?    No go to 3

                                                            Yes go to 7


 3.Are you a problem Solving agony aunt? No go to 9

                                                             Yes go to 4


4.Would you rather chill out with a CD than read a book? Yes you are Gabriella

                                                                                   No you are Taylor


5.Do you prefer english to maths? Yes go to 6

                                                  No go to 7


6.Do you prefer  Bright and Sparkly clothes to Relaxed and Casual? Yes go to 8

                                                                                                   No go to 9


7.Are you easily embarrassed? Yes go to 4

                                              No go to 8


8.Do you prefer Solo Makeover to Sleepover with friends? Yes you are Sharpay

                                                                                    No you are Gabriella


9.Are friends more important than family? Yes you are Taylor

                                                             No you are Sharpay



You and Sharpay could be twins! With your superstar potential, Hollywood won't be far away. You love the limelight and now is your time to shine!



Just like Gabriella, you sparkle on stage. You know that anything's possible if you just believe in yourself. Stand up there and sing it, sista!



Smart and funny with a brain to rival Taylor's, you're destined for success! You're a go-getter with big ideas, so get ready to dazzle people.