Mates, Dates Quiz


1. What is Lucy's last name?

2. What do the girls call TJ's dad?

3. Who does Nesta date in the 3rd book (Portobello Princesses)?

4.What is the name of the 5th book?

5. Which girl is Steve brother of?

6. Which girl is half Italian?

7. Which book does TJ first come into the series?

8. Who was TJ's best friend before Lucy, Izzie and Nesta?

9. Where did the girls go on holiday in Great Escapes?

10. Whose idea was it to get their belly buttons pierced?

11. Who had an on/off romace with Nesta's brother, Tony?

12. Who caused the temporary argument between Nesta and TJ?

13. Who does TJ meet in Mates, Dates and Sizzling Summers who is also a a main character in the Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise series?

14. What is Izzie's last name?

15. Which girl loves astrology?