Dear bookworm
I love reading Harry Potter books. I have read them all. What can I read now?
What about reading some of Theresa Breslinís books. Why not try some of these books body parts, death or glory boy and finally prisoner in Alcartraz.

Dear bookworm
I love reading Mary- Kate and Ashley books. I have read them all? What can I read now?
How about reading some of Annie Daltonís books Calling The Shots, Pinninfarina and finally Kids Night In.

Dear bookworm I hate reading books but my teacher says Iíve got to read. What can I do?  Everyone has to read. Why not speak to your teacher and find out what they need you to be reading. Maybe you could try smaller quick read books or why not try reading some graphix novels or even magazines or comics.

Dear Bookworm    

Mum says I am buying too many books but I love reading. What can I do?  Why don't you borrow more books from your school library or the public library.  Another idea could be to swap books with your friends.  

Dear Bookworm, I have now read all the books by my favourite author Cathy Cassidy. What can I do? Rather than sit around and wait for her next book to be published, why don't you books by similar authors such as Louise Rennison or Cathy Hopkins.